Windshield Repair & Replacement Yuma

Auto Glass Replacement

Getting a front window replaced is one of those things in life that none of us look forward to. Be that as it may, thanks to modern techniques and advances in technology and the rise of mobile technicians, the job doesn't have to be a chore. In fact, if you're lucky, replacement may not be required at all.

Auto glass replacement

One of the most under-appreciated parts on any vehicle is the windscreen. Far from being an ordinary glass as you'd find in your home, this car component is key to many things, aside from giving you a clear view of the road in front of you. It is also a basic safety system, it is designed to help prevent injury in the unfortunate circumstance of a crash. It helps to corral the airbags and provides for correct deployment when the bags are needed. It is critical to the structural integrity of the vehicle's cab area. It can be equipped with modern technology, such as rain sensors and the like. Although people give little thought to these marvels of technology, it is critical that you give it the proper attention when the need arises for fixing or ordering a new one.

Should I Repair Or Replace My Car Glass?

Understandably, the obvious answer here is to repair your existing windscreen whenever possible and maintain your vehicle's original equipment, but if the damage is too severe this may not be an option. Generally speaking, car glass can be repaired if it has only minor damage, such as small rock pecks. Such damage areas are often referred to as 'bullseyes' , 'stars' , or 'combination breaks' , and are often only a couple of centimeters or so in width. This type of damage, along with short cracks, are often repairable, and choosing this course of action will help you to retain your vehicle's factory front window, reducing your costs as well as avoiding the risk of a new windshield leaking once it's installed.

Unfortunately, repairing isn't always an option. If your car glass has incurred major damage, putting in a new one is likely your only option. However, this is no cause for alarm, because even a new window is a routine procedure for our competent technicians. The job can often be done on-site, avoiding the need to leave the vehicle with us at a shop.

What Can I Expect The Windscreen Replacement Procedure To Cost?

Costs for replacement will naturally be higher than what's required for a simple repair. The price tag can vary wildly from one vehicle to the next, depending upon make, special equipment that's integrated into the windscreen, etc. On average new car glass cost could very well fall into the $150 range and higher, less whatever amount your insurance company will pay.

How Much Time Is Typically Required?

You don't need to interrupt your daily routine. The work can often be done on site, at your home, office or even if you're at the shopping mall. It usually doesn't take more than 1 hour to completely replace a windshield. It is important to note that after a new front window has been placed you have to be careful when shutting the car's door. The bond may not have cured yet and slamming the door may shake the bond from its position.

It is actually recommended that you open your side window before shutting the door to prevent a sudden burst of pressure in the car from pushing outward toward the windshield and loosening the bond. Just be careful on that first day and once the seal has cured you can do as usual.